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man Hybrid
Denmark, 2000, 3 min.
Instructor : Mango Delight
Producer : Tobi Tornado
Manuscript : Mango Delight
Camera : Jacob Gallt
Animation : Mango Delight, Nadia El Said
Montage : Otto Schelin
Staring : The Girl, Spaceman Snarf, Mango Delight
Music : Mango Delight

High quality (18MB)
Low quality (7MB)

The short film 'Hybrid' is truly a hybrid, in more than one sense. It has been filmed oldschool style, with a 16mm Bolex camera, and realizes a hybrid of several animation medias. Pixilation (animation of humans), computer animation, doll animation, drawn animation, shadow animation, and more, all mixed creating a wholeness greater than the individual sources put together. The different styles of animation blend in over each other during the film.

The plot itself, wrapped in this strikingly innovative cover, doesn't stray far from the theme. The story is that of the border between man and machine. The girl, who is one of the main characters in this little filmic feature, evolves in a very dynamic sense. As the music plays, she is transformed starting from (something close to) human condition, ending up being swallowed by the universe of the other main character, the machine, and thereby leaving life, as we know it. In between these phases she's a hybrid of the two.

Hybrid is a child of the techno age, and thereby an expression of our time. It raises the question of man's place between the hordes of machines that inhabit our world (or, if you're not the intellectual type, it just displays some cool techno atmosphere). Mango Delight himself has been the creative force behind the film, and has, with his love for comics and kitsch, devised the universe in which Hybrid takes place.