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Dogcatcher EP Dogcatcher EP
5 tracks, 26:10
Artist : Karsten Pflum : BAH010LP
Style : Rythm Twistronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 12" EP

Karsten Pflum a.k.a 24-year-old Jacob Helverskov Madsen from Copenhagen's debut album Tracks, on the British ambient label Worm Interface in 2003, was a tribute to rhythm twisting, and Dogcatcher perfects on the topic! If Tracks was the ignition, Dogcatcher blows Karsten Pflum into space!

Dogcatcher is the first in a new series of 12" EPs under Tender Productions new baby Tendertronic Audiofication, a label that explores various shapes of electronica and tech-house.

Dogcatcher is boiled down rhythmically dynamical energetic creativity, with a good sense for matching mesmerizing soundscapes. It is combining extreme ambiences with hard complex rhythm programming and treatment. It contains 4 Karsten Pflum tracks plus a remix by Opiate (Thomas Knak) whose sensitive electronica is best known from his work with Björk on Vespertine, and from his membership of Danish superelectronica act Future3. On Dogcathcer he has created a universe within the universe of Karsten's!

Track list:
Pollenpark (6:12)
Worm on a Hook (5:39)
Social Club (4:45)
34 Steed (5:21)
Social Club - Opiate remix (4:13)