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On-line shopping
Listen to snippets and buy on-line at Juno Records.

Tender releases are available through Shell Shock Distribution (UK + exports) and A-musik (DE + exports). Scandinavian shops may order directly through Tender:

In Copenhagen you may find our releases in (at least) the following shops:
Sound Station (Gl. Kongevej 94, Frederiksberg)
Route 66 (Fælledvej 3, Kbh N)
12 Tonar (Fiolstræde 26, Kbh K, near Nørreport)
Ameoba Record Shop (Hyskenstræde 10, Kbh K)

Visit our friends - Danish online record store. They have some of our older releases, if you don't find them at Juno.
Rump Recordings - Danish electronica label
Fat Morgan - the coolest VJ!!
Bjørn Svin a.k.a. Prinz Ezo - artist
Karsten Pflum - artist
Rumpistol - artist
Breezeblock - experimental BBC Radio 1 show by Mary Ann Hobbs - Super Cozi's personal site - Super Cozi's label Hypoespresso
Bitreactor - the personal homepage of Monolog
Tender Bears - bear art with a tender touch
Snarf - member of Twang's site with comics and cool links
Teppop - crazy electronica dude from Copenhagen
Jenka Music - Danish electronica label
Copy Flex - artist
Kiloton - artist
Auditory Designs - label
Helicopter - label
Lækker Lytter - the almighty Lækker Lytter sound system!!
CPH venue
Ørentvist - electronica in Odense
Subotnick - experimental music in CPH
Radium - radio program on P2 (denmark)
Culture Box - CPH club
Norberg Festival - Swedish electronica festival
..ah goddammit, gotta build that list!

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