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Azùcar Azùcar
6 tracks, 16:17
Artist : Monolog : BAH012LP
Style : Jazztronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 12" EP

The jazztronica of Monolog goes straight to the heart of both jazz enthusiasts as well as electronica freaks. The monological jazz was never spelled with the same z as that of eazy listening(!), and now a few releases down the line, Monolog's style is leaning more towards drum'n'bass-ish influences, while keeping the jazzy element.

This EP and Veneno are a pair. Entitled the Spanish words for sugar and poison, this one is more soft, while Veneno cuts to the bone. They are the second and third releases under Tender's electronica EP label Tendertronic Audiofication. With a playing time not longer than any other EP, Monolog still found space for packing no less than 6 fantastic tracks on each.

Track list:
Står i blod
I miss I