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Sticktease Sticktease
6 tracks, 21:16
Artist : Monolog : BAH015LP
Style : Jazztronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 12" EP

The monological jazztronica of this 6th release in the Tendertronic 12" EP series is also the 6th release of Monolog himself. Mads Lindgren aka Monolog composed the tracks for this EP while traveling in between Berlin and Copenhagen. It is the material manifestation of the Berlin-Copenhagen musical axis, featuring encounters with locals. On track 1 Heartbox, David Kuckermann puts his frame drums to play, and on track 6 Bomb Forecast, rhythm maestro Karsten Pflum compliments Monolog's mesmerizing soundscapes with his energetic beats. Both virtuosi in their fields, they add a diverse contribution to the Monolog sound.

Apart from being a more collaborative EP than earlier Monolog releases, Sticktease adds new depths to the inferno down below and new sparkling heights to the heavens above Monolog. From up-tempo lashings to low-key legends of love the untold stories within the songs are weaved with consideration and by a playful mind. Not only has Monolog engineered the sounds, but also the software used to strive for absolute sonic freedom, a degree of uniqueness and a statement of independent creativity that unfolds on all axes. The tracks on Sticktease are drops of warm heart blood in the Scandinavian snow.

Track list:
Prins Haglgevær
Bomb Forecast