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Organic Squares Sticktease
4 tracks, 22:32
Artist : Prinz Ezo : BAH016LP
Style : Organicronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 12" EP

Prinz Ezo is the alias of Danish techno guru Bjørn Svin used for more experimental and organic electronica productions. Bjørn has been releasing electronic music since 1995. In the late nineties he became a "techno pop-star" with the hit "Mer Strøm #2", and reached cult-status in most of Scandinavia. Through his charismatic live-performances, he has become known as a very passionate man with a physical connection to his own beats and loops.

Organic Squares is a journey in its own right. Bjørn himself says: "I do narrative dance music, music with tension, energy and drama, music that aims to be not music; I am tired of music being only music. It is too straight for me.. I want music to trigger my imagination." And Organic Squares certainly does! The four tracks take the listener into four corners of organic presence. Ice is made with samples from underground streams, and while morphed and twisted by the machinery of man, the underlying energy is very present! Insect follows in the same vein, with a mesmerizing sub bass invaded by crystalline weavings in the upper frequencies. Hedgehog holds the reminiscent of hardcore tribal energy, with its straight forward yet complexly shaped beat. Semi Mood, a sublime and almost classical ambient track, rounds off the lot.

Bjørn has worked with a range of musicians such as Håkan Lidbo, Karsten Pflum, Goodiepal and Angus&Graves, and has made remixes for among others Acustic, Puddu Varano, Miss Yetti, as well as Else Marie Pade, the Danish grandmother and pioneer of concrete music.

Track list:
Semi Mood