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Enado Enado
6 tracks, 18:49
Artist : Twang : BAH001CD
Style : Funky, cartoon jazzrock
Origin : Denmark
Format : CD-EP

The mission taken on by Twang, creating a complete symbiosis between comics and music, is set well on its way with 'Enado'. Though the EP holds a mere 6 tracks, less than 20 minuttes, the booklet of the CD features a 32 page full color, cartoon adventure pack, containing 6 different stories, one for each musical piece on the CD, enough to send you rocketing into the comic world of Twang!

Track list:
El Gringo San Diablo (3:23)
930KBCrocotor (3:58)
Shampoo Kingdom (4:34)
Minimal Impact (3:10)
682KB Sunday Morning Pleasant Thing (2:54)
205KB Enado (0:53)