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Mongo Mongo
4 tracks, 8½ min.
Artist : Mango Delight / Monolog : BAH006SP
Style : Electronix / jazztronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 7" vinyl

Mongo is a 7" vinyl split single, split between Mango Delight and Monolog. The tracks are quite short, 4 tracks in 8½ minutte, which gives you feel of a whole world, packed into a pocket size disc!

Side Mango:
The Androfrodite: Made, apart from a couple of 808 samples, entirely from bathroom sounds. It is the sound track to a short film, The Androfrodite, about the androgenous hermafrodite.
TJ Infusion: Jam Master Jam goes crazy on a dictaphone.

Side Mono:
Possum Triad: The most hard ass Drum'n'Bass inspired music ever to leave the samplers of Monolog. All the while keeping the Monological bindings to the jazz!
Blue against Green: War of the colors... a mesmerizing moving soundscape.