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Super Cozy Super Cozy
10 tracks + 1 bonus, 50:40
Artist : Cozi : BAH004CD
Style : Lounge Techno
Origin : Japan
Format : CD album
Cozi - Cool, smooth, loungy electronica/techno.

Full length release 'Super Cozy' (10 tracks + 1 bonus track, 50:49) from Japanese DJ and musician Cozi, also known as DJ Super Cozi. Her music can be described as a sort of 'lounge techno', which is perfect for both cocktail parties and other gastronomical experiments.

There is a video for the first track of the Super Cozy, 'Vital Walk 2012', which takes you on a ride through the streets of Tokyo. It is made by Atsushi Tezuka, who has among other things, made the video for United Future Organisation's 'Good Luck Shore' and the remix of 'Loud Minority'. The cover is made in a retro-like psycodelica style by Manabu Endo, from Vampmodern.

Track list:
 Vital Walk 2012
 Brain Surf
 Astroid Lovers (Brain Surf 2)
 Lounge #1
 Hybrid Jupiter
 Earthcore Calling
 Space Dolphin
 Beach-Guru (karaoke version)