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dj legba
dj legba - electronica compilation
12 tracks, 50:47
Artist : Various
Cat no : BAH009CD
Style : Electronica
Origin : Around
Format : CD album

Mixed bag of goodies - about the artists + press photos

Under the name DJ Legba, the Danish multi artist Tobi Twang has compiled a collection of electronica tracks from near and far, delivered by both hotshots and newcomers. Except for a couple of exceptions, all tracks have not had previous release.

What is electronica really, and is it even possible to call it a genre? Electronica might be defined as all the stuff that flows between the ordinarily recognized electronic genres. Thereby it has a very broad span. Never the less, most electronica compilation releases have a very narrow focus. Are they trying to catch the essence of something, which they are afraid might disappear between their fingers? DJ Legba is not afraid! He knows that all you need is a little bit of magic. The present collection of tracks is not narrow, but it does stay within (almost) non-vocal electronica.

In spite of the broad spectrum of musical moods represented on this CD, DJ Legba has succeeded in creating an elegantly complete atmosphere. No particular sub genre dominates, and it is precisely because of this balance that the album has success in maintaining a thread throughout its runtime, without exploiting any single track or tracks as support pole(s).

As a historical side note: Papa Legba is, in the voodoo religion, the deity who controls the communication between the spirits and the humans. He is at the cross roads, at the gate holding the key. This compilation release can be seen as a portal into the world of electronica, an introduction for the outsider who wants to get inside. But it is also holds a vault of delicious treasures for the experienced electronica listener.

Track list:
artist0 track
Monolog1 Combinary
Super Cozi2 Cookie
Rupert Pupkin3 Oke Fenoke Swamp
Mango Delight4 PimFight
Håkan Lidbo5 Mikroben
Mango Delight6 Puzzle Ring
Bjørn Svin7 Melodeaky
Din-ST8 Little Girls Don't Wanna Die
Lago & Kverneland9 Karma Killer
Monolog10 Solskind
Solarium11 Part III
Carsten Dall12 Pianox