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Track: Little Girls Don't Wanna Die (3:43)

Frederic Stader is the man behind many artist names, like Fever, DJ Maxximus and of course Din-ST. His divergent style has found its way unto the repertoire of many renowned labels, here amongst Kool Pop, Tigerbeat 6 and Warp. Others have releases of his stuff pending, like Tresor and Schematic. Very nice CV!

Little Girls Don't Wanna Die is made together with n_ponypony (D), and is previously unreleased. It's a gemstone of sharply cut electronica sound, where the vocal is being twisted to an unrecognizable state, killed, then resurrected as an instrument in its own right!


   1997 Robotnics crossing 'Trigger Happy', 7", Bentley Welcomes Careful Drivers (UK)
   1998 DIN-ST 'In the case of' , 7", 12", Ambush (UK)
   1998 FEVER 'Too Bad to be True', LP, DHR(UK)
   1999 FEVER 'Collision Course',  PIAS (UK) compilation af Kevin Martin
        DIN-ST 'Mash the Place Up', Ambush compilation
   2000 FEVER Tocotronic remix kook variationen, l'age d'or
        DIN-ST '100 miles and runnin', Attitude compilation,Tigerbeat 6 (US)
   2001 DIN-ST feat. lady c., whatever, firewire, peaches, Firm (D)
        Something J & Dj Maxximus 'Versace Armani vs. Mercedes Bentley', Warp (UK)
   2002 DIN-ST 'i sh!t on u', Sweat kool pop (D)
        DIN-ST '93 in the mornin´', EP, Null Rec.(D)
   2003 DIN-ST 'lady cracker', EP, kool.pop (D)
   2003 DIN-ST 'Club Goods 1', EP, Tresor
   2004 DIN-ST 'Yamu'd-Din', CD+ 2LP, Schematic