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Tracks: PimFight (4:22), Puzzle Ring (5:26)

Danish multi artist (music, short films, comics, performance) a.k.a. Tobi Twang, released his debut solo album Danger is a Haunted Lollipop in 1999, but was long before that an intricate part of the Copenhagen music scene as a third of the comic-band Twang (he got his name from the band, not the other way around) and as half of the theatrical performance band Angus&Graves. In 1997 he started Tender Productions, which has been functioning as an art commune for various connected artists, with a focus on music and short films.

Mango Delight has two tracks on the CD: PimFight is from his 12" mini album release Conglomerate of Crazy Souls. A jungle-like base, spiced with uniquely sprawling happiness. Puzzle Ring has been made especially for this compilation, and is thus previously unreleased.

   1997 Twang 'Enado', CD-EP + 32 page comic (a story for each track), Tender
   1999 Mango Delight 'Danger is a Haunted Lollipop', CD/2LP album, Tender
   2000 Angus&Graves featuring Bjørn Svin 'Balance', virtuel EP, Tender
   2001 Mango Delight 'Mongo', split 7" single, Tender
   2002 Mango Delight 'Conglomerate of Crazy Souls', 12" mini album, Tender

Upcomming in 2004
   Mango Delight 'Messy Miss Metal', 12" Tendertronic EP w/Hakan Lidbo remix, Tender