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Tracks: Combinary (3:24), Solskind (2:30)

Monolog a.k.a. Mads Lindgren made his debut in 2001 with the astonishing album Mumbler, a feat which earned him (and rightfully so!) a place in the major danish musical encyclopedia Politikkens Rock Leksikon. The super productive youngster was ready with a new 20-track album the year after, that being after having thoroughly trimmed the roster of his works!

Monolog has got two tracks on the CD, Combinary and Solskind, both in pure monological form with Lindgren's extremely personal cocktail of organic samples and crisp beats. Both tracks are previously unreleased.


   2001 Monolog 'Mumbler', CD album, Tender
   2001 Monolog 'Mongo', split 7" single, Tender
   2002 Monolog 'Slugs', CD album, Tender

Coming up in 2004:
   Monolog 'Azucar', 12" Tendertronic EP, Tender
   Monolog 'Veneno', 12" Tendertronic EP, Tender