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Track: Part III (6:45)

An experimental sound project by Martin Wigger, with the goal to create new soundscapes from existing sounds. The project is open, in the sense that no songstructure (groove, refrain, intro etc.) is important. This sometimes result in more or less random musical landscapes. Some parts are even made with random sounds. The soundscapes produce a kind of film music without pictures! The sounds build their own room...

Part III is taken from the CD album Part I-XIV which came out in 2002 on Spezial Material, which is Martin Wigger + co.'s own label, with distribution in England (Baked Goods) and Germany (Hausmusik).


   2001 Solarium 'Part 1-8' CD mini album, Spezial Material (CH)
   2002 Solarium 'Part 1-14' CD album in wood box by Sybille Eigenmann, Spezial Material (CH)
Coming up:
   Solarium 'Part 15-28' CD album in wood box