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Monster Director Skollibat
Denmark, 2005, 5 min
Instructor : Tobi Twang
Producer : #Bjerregat
Manuscript : Tobi Twang
Camera : Jacob Gallt, #Bjerregat, #Viddarsok
Montage : Otto Schelin
Compositing : Bo47
Staring : Kjartan Marmorskæg, the Girl, Sandra Hjorth, Twang (the band!)
Music : Twang

The story of Skollibat is a sad love story from the unreal life beyond the strangling grip of social realism. It is a story about the life and death of feelings, symbolised by actions and events, the hold that destiny has on peoples lives, and the ironical games that it plays with these.

In the world wherein the story of Skollibat takes place, there is no spoken language as we know it. Instead people communicate by way of projecting images and sequences of films on each other using different kinds of projectors.

Skollibat is the most beautiful girl in the universe. She is the essense of beauty in all its dimensions, physical, psycological, esthetic and all. She is one born with an insight into the subconscious which many a learned man has died without knowing. The second main character is the lover of Skollibat. He is an artistic soul, who has devoted his life to expressing that which he feels by creating little filmic sequences, by which he communicates his thoughts to the world. The lover lives his life, preoccupied by the force of the creative process, and gains knowledge of the occult. One day he sees Skollibat, standing atop a box in the park, picking oranges...

Monster Instructor