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Monolog - 'Slugs' Slugs
20 tracks, 49:50
Artist : Monolog : BAH008CD
Style : Jazztronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : CD album

Pleasantly contrary jazztronica

Mads Lindgren a.k.a. Monolog proved with his debut release Mumbler last spring, an unusual ability to twirl samples around his guitar finger, creating a unique blend of traditionally jazzy instruments, creative electronic beats and twisted soundscapes. The album reaped richly positive reviews, and left many people with a wanting for more. This winter came half a 7", Mongo (shared with Mango Delight ), as a pretest to the present album.

Slugs is the title of Monolog's new CD album release, which contains 20 tracks. In a pure monological form, the multitude of tracks are weaved together creating a wholeness, the complete shape of which one is forced to accept, if not before, then at the end of the album.

Monolog has been accepted for 'Politikkens Rockleksikon' a major Danish music encyclopedia, for his contributions to the music scene. He is also active on the party scene as co-organizer of 9000massive (drum'n'bass parties) and as DJ under the name DJ Monolog (!).

The cover for Slugs has been beautifully generated by Loka?, who's raw mixture of photos and comics that is his trademark fits ideally with Monolog's mixture of twisted electronica and soft jazz.

DJs and other vinyl freaks can look forward to a couple of 12" releases, something that Monolog claims to have missed between his two CD albums and the half 7". The productive, young musical mind will have no problem delivering!

Track list:
730KB In & Out in 99 Seconds
930KB Possum Triad
Almost Dad
Hole with Stairs
946KBTrick: Nosedive
Blue against Green
Fukkin' Fast Car
1.5MBSolvej i Mørke