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Wenn ein Hertz Gebumsen Wird

Instructor : Hiroshima Delight
Producers : Hiroshima Delight / Tobi Twang
Manuscript : Hiroshima Delight
Camera : Tobi Twang / Hiroshima Delight
Montage : Hiroshima Delight
Staring : Ida Seidelin
Animation : Daniel
Music : Mango Delight

High quality (14MB)
Low quality (4½MB)

Wenn ein Hertz Gebumsen Wird is a film on the midturf of love and physical attraction, two sides to the same thing. It is a film about getting hurt, and selfhatred in the face of emotional humiliation.

This German-texted, silent-film, erotic animation creation is yet another work of art from the pixilated universe of Hiroshima Delight. The music is the track NetTurf from the Mango Delight 12" mini album Conglomerate of Crazy Souls.