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Conglomerate of Crazy Souls Conglomerate of Crazy Souls
7 tracks, 30 minuttes
Artist : Mango Delight : BAH007LP
Style : Electronica
Origin : Denmark
Format : 12" mini album

Electronica Extravaganza **

Mango Delight generates a perspective to the electronica genre with this, his second album release. The 7 tracks of the mini album move securely about a broad spectrum ranging from up-tempo Drum'n'Bass inspired creations, across Dub inspired down-tempo tracks on to the more extravagant and experimental stuff. There has even been made room for a couple of DJ tools, quotes delivered by the man himself and the Japanese Geisha-borg Cozi.

Hiroshima Delight and Tobi Twang have made a animation-porn video for the track NetTurf on the record. It is called 'Wenn ein Hertz Gebumsen Wird'. Check it out!

The album has been recorded over a period of 2 years, and is a refined boil-down of Mango Delight's musical evolvement. 3 years have passed since the debut release Danger is a Haunted Lollipop, and as Mongo showed, Mango Delight has developed in an inspiring direction. The music has gained dimension, without loosing the toyingly joyful naivistic element that was so pronounced on the debut.

The cover photo has been delivered by Japanese photographer Araki Nobuyoshi. It is from his book 'Tokyo Lucky Hole', which is Araki's artistic portrait of the sex scene in Tokyo. His surrealistic touch is the perfect parallel to Mango Delight's music.

Track list:
2.4MB Mummy
xxxMB PimFight