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Behold fans of the digital revolution!
All Tendertronic vinyl EPs have now been published for on-line distribution on sites like BeatPort, BurnLounge, eMusic, iTunes, mix&burn, Napster, and many many more locations in cyberspace ***

Prinz Ezo 'Organic Squares' Prinz Ezo
- Organic Squares

12" EP
Music for the mind and body. Tension, energy, drama, to trigger your imagination Cat no BAH016LP
Monolog 'Sticktease' Monolog
- Sticktease

12" EP
Yet another fantastic Monological creation :)
Cat no BAH015LP
Alice Rose 'Tales of Sailing' Alice Rose
- Tales of Sailing

CD album
Alice Rose' debut album, featuring Gabriel Ananda, Frank Martiniq, Numinos and Electro Atomu. A beautiful vocal electronica release!
Cat no BAH017CD
Mango Delight 'Messy Miss Metal' Mango Delight
- Messy Miss Metal EP

12" EP
Yet another Tendertronic EP release. 4 fantastic and diverse electronica tracks including remix by Håkan Lidbo!
Cat no BAH011LP
Håkan Lidbo 'The Worst Case Scenario' Håkan Lidbo
- The Worst Case Scenario EP

12" EP
Another Tendertronic EP release. 4 delicious tech-house/abstract tracks including remix by Mango Delight!
Cat no BAH014LP
Monolog 'Azùcar / Veneno' Monolog
- Azùcar / Veneno

12" EP
The second and third Tendertronic 12" EPs. 6 tracks on each!
Cat no BAH012LP / BAH013LP
Karsten Pflum 'Dogcatcher EP' Karsten Pflum
- Dogcatcher EP

12" EP
The first 12" EP in the new Tendertronic series. 4 tracks + Thomas Knak (Opiate) remix!
Cat no BAH010LP
DJ Legba - electronica compilation CD DJ Legba
- electronica compilation

CD album
12 track Compilation CD featuring Hakan Lidbo, Mango Delight, DIN-ST...
Cat no BAH009CD
Monolog 'Slugs' CD album Monolog
- Slugs

CD album
Monological revelation!
Cat no BAH008CD
Mango Delight 'Conglomerate of Crazy Souls' extended EP Mango Delight
- Conglomerate of Crazy Souls

12" mini album
Extended 7 track 12" EP.
Cat no BAH007LP
Mango Delight / Monolog 'Mongo' 7 Mango Delight / Monolog
- Mongo

4 track 7" split single
Cat no BAH006SP
Monolog 'Mumbler' CD album Monolog
- Mumbler

CD album
Monolog's fantastic jazztronica CD album debut!
Cat no BAH005CD
Cozi 'Super Cozy' CD album Cozi
- Super Cozy

CD album
Jazzy lounge techno Cd album from ninja kitten Cozi, now known as Super Cozi
Cat no BAH004CD
Mango Delight 'Danger is a haunted lollipop' CD/2LP album Mango Delight
- Danger is a Haunted Lollipop

CD/2LP album
Debut electronix album
Cat no BAH002CD/LP
Twang 'Enado' CD-EP Twang
- Enado

6 track EP with 32 pages of comics!
Cat no BAH001CD